Heidmarch Manor

Heidmarch Manor, a Pathfinder Lodge and home base for characters in this Adventure Path, is found in the Alabaster District located in the Summit.

Heidmarch Manor is the home of two of Magnimar’s most eccentric citizens: esteemed hunters, explorers, and Pathfinders Sheila Heidmarch and her husband Sir Canayven Heidmarch. The world-traveling adventurers have retired to Magnimar, but have not been content to settle into the quiet life, instead opening their sizable manor to the Pathfinder Society. The first Pathfinder lodge in Varisia welcomes all members eager to explore the still relatively unknown land, including the surrounding region and the mysterious City of Monuments itself. Visiting members of the Pathfinder Society are welcomed to the manor by comfortable lodgings, a well-stocked library of far-flung lore, and its owners’ sagely advice.

Currently, two additional Pathfinders use the manor as a base camp: Almya Gorangal a sour Chelish explorer seeking to map the ancient ruins of the Mushfens, and Joadric Heimurl , a bombastic man of barbaric descent bent on organizing an expedition into the Malgorian Mountains.