Fenster the Blight

Fenster the Blight is as unsavory as denizens of Magnimar’s most notorious slum get. He has lived in Underbridge for decades, although he’s changed homes many times over the years. His current haunt is a partially collapsed warehouse on the shoreline, in a particularly filthy stretch where tidal currents often cause the filth and refuse of the city to collect in stinking clots along the shore.

Fenster is a wretched creature, more skin and bone than meat. His flesh is clammy and gray in places, one of his eyes is clouded over with a white film, and his clothing is caked with filth. His breathing is raspy and gurgling and smells of bad meat—he’s plagued by a wet, hacking cough. Fenster is a truly vile wretch, a carrier of several diseases who hires himself out for any foul job that might come his way. In the past, he’s worked as a garbage scavenger, a goblin baiter, an alchemy test subject, and a disposer of bodies.


The Amazing Zograthy

An aged, bald, Varisian man with threadbare purple robes and piercing eyes. He keeps a permanent tent and fortune-telling business in Washers’ Row in Dockway — specifically, at the end of a narrow alley that serves as a permanent street fair. He often works as an intermediary between the Sczarni gangs and outsiders — for a fee.