Campaign Information

Character Creation Information

  • 20 points for attributes.
  • 3 traits one of which must be a campaign one.
  • Average starting gold.
  • Max hit points at first level, one less than max at second, two less at third, etc until you hit the average, then it’s average from then on. For example with a d8, the hit points would go 8,7,6,5,4,5,4, etc. I like survivable players and few party deaths early on.

Gameplay Mechanics
To speed things up I’ll roll init, surprise, etc for everyone. It should make everything flow faster. I’ll put the rolls in the thread of course so you can see them. With the init rolls, I’ll group the PCs and monsters into when they’ll go and we can follow that.

The only things I won’t put in the thread are things like perception rolls to notice secret doors as you pass by them by, that’d give away the secret if no one actually notices them 🙂

When you roll to hit, also roll the damage for things, even if the hit roll is very small, you never know and that’ll speed things up too.

I’ll put skill checks in and amongst the text with the skill and DC, and what is learned inside a spoiler. Put your rolls in the reply post and you can look at the result. Obviously this is the honor system. I really don’t care if you look at them even if you fail the rolls as long as you don’t act on any of the knowledge in them.

During combat I’ll aim for one round a day during the week and one for the weekend. I’ll end up the day, summarizing actions and the results before I go to bed and set the stage for the next day and everyone’ll be able to chime in whenever they want.

Gameplay Tone
We’ll be using more free flow, cinematic combat, there’s no way to do the complex positioning in pbp that I can think of. So, there’ll be AoO if I say that someone runs past you, but all of the more complex stuff will have to go away.

I like good, exciting, combat with great use of terrain and the environment. I will be liberal with the bonuses if you entertain me 🙂 I’ll also figure out a way to reward the character in a more substantial way, I’d like to encourage this to be entertaining for all. Stay tuned for details once I think of them. Especially if we’re doing the pirate campaign, it should be swashbuckling all around.

I encourage creative problem solving and trying new things or creative use of skills and abilities. Especially if it’s entertaining/cinematic. I’ll try not to squash any of that unless it’s truly overpowered, otherwise that sort of initiative will be rewarded.

Like in my RL campaigns the first couple of levels are ‘breaking in the character’ levels and if some detail/skill/feat/spell doesn’t really fit, tell me how you want to adjust the characater and as long as the change wouldn’t cause something important to be retro’ed, you can change it. For example, “I thought I’d be using bluff more, but it just doesn’t seem to be appropriate for the character, I’d like to change out those skill points for craft [under water basket weaving], it’s more appropriate.” As long as the character hadn’t used bluff to really turn the tides in a battle, no problem.

Everyone can play different characters than you used to audition for the other campaign with. Try to cover the standard bases as much as possible though, the APs tend to make assumptions that most of the common skills and abilities will be present.

Oh yeah, if you hit a point where your character just isn’t “doing it for you” don’t feel that you have to continue forcing yourself to play it. I want you to have fun and not think of this as being a chore. At the next appropriate story juncture we can find a way to swap characters and you can start a new one with the same xp, gold, etc. Theres nothing worse than creating an illusionist for example and then finding out that 90% of the foes are immune to illusions. By a quirk you’d be stuck playing a vastly underpowered character and that won’t be fun.


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