Natalya’s Boarding House

Natalya’s hideout has seen better days. The boarding house’s clapboard sides are dark with mildew and marred by scorch marks. In places fire has gutted portions of the roof’s moss-covered tile shingles, but the building appears to be structurally intact. The building stands near the stark wall of the Seacleft, and scree from several decades of minor rockfalls has piled up along its southern face. The building’s windows are heavily boarded over. There is a front door that looks like it’s not boarded over.

A2. Front Room

The entire floor of this chamber has collapsed into the pool of water five feet below in the subcellar. The earthen walls of the flooded subcellar ooze with foul rivulets, and the smell is abominable. Two oozing sewer pipes protrude through the east wall of this pit just above the level of the sewage. Part of the ceiling above the entrance has collapsed, revealing an attic crawlspace above; a rickety ladder leads up from the water into the crawlspace. A door stands in the far wall across the sludge pit. A wooden plank balanced between both doors makes a precarious bridge between the two doors.

A4. Next Room

The floor of this room has fallen away, leaving a narrow, charred ledge along the south and east walls. To the northwest, a ledge heaped with crates and barrels sits, while above the rafters of the attic lay bare to view. The ledge is safe to walk on, but is sloped dangerously at places (it requires a successful DC 10 Acrobatics check to navigate).

A5. Back Room

The room has no floor, opening directly into the sump of a sewage pit below. Likewise, the charred ceiling has fallen away, revealing the fire-blackened rafters above. Next to a hole cut in the southwest corner of the wall, a crude ladder that has been nailed to the wall provides access to the rafters above. The door in the left wall has no floor in front of it.

A9. Back Room Attic

Up here, nearly the entire ceiling below has collapsed, leaving only a criss-cross of rafters making the floor. Major sections of the firewalls to the south and the west have been destroyed providing access to other portions of the attic.

A10. Attic Chimney

Like elsewhere, the ceiling has collapsed into the room below, but most of the rafters have gone with it in this area, leaving large gaps of empty space over the drop. A large fireplace in the room below climbs the wall as a wide chimney into here. The crumbling, charred brick of the chimney has been chipped away to create a large hollow within, with a tangle of discarded planks and other rubbish now serving as a floor.


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