The tallest structure in Magnimar and a wonder in a city of architectural feats, the Arvensoar stands approximately 400 feet tall, climbing the entire length of the Seacleft and extending nearly a hundred feet above Naos itself. In the simplest senses, the great tower is the garrison of the city’s watch and small military, as well as being a quick, city-controlled connection between the Shore and the Summit. Beyond having these mundane uses, the tower is a symbol of the city’s unity, ambition, and history.

Commander Ismeir Odinburge—a competent, sober, and honest but inflexible, man—serves as Lord of the Tower and leader of Magnimar’s military forces. Several field commanders report directly to him, as does Captain Acacia Uriana, the fiery and opinionated head of the city watch. A military of 400 professional soldiers—most particularly well trained in archery—stand garrisoned within the Arvensoar, patrolling its heights and the city walls. Should more fighters ever be needed, the city watch and a local militia can be rallied within an hour, supplementing the tower’s forces with upward of 900 additional lesser but willing warriors.

Well positioned to defend the city, the Arvensoar boasts eight trebuchets capable of firing over the city and even past Outcast’s Cove—though Fort Indros and the Wyrmwatch are far better positioned to defend the city harbor—and enough provisions to supply the city through at least a week-long siege.

Based in the Arvensoar, the city watch focuses its energies on the patrolling of major streets and of neighborhoods where government resources and buildings are more common. The city walls are manned by the watch, and it is their responsibility to defend Magnimar from threat by land.


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